Raise money with a Fortnite Tournament! 

No upfront costs

Your team or group does not need any money to start up a Fortnite fundraising tournament.

No work required

Simply tell all your friends and family about the tournament through social media.

Easiest way to raise money

There is no easier way to raise money for your team or group and create a great experience doing it.



1. Book your tournament

Pick a weekend to have the tournament that works with your team or group's schedule.

2. Promote your tournament

It's time to get the word out there and tell everybody where they need to register and how it works.

3. Play your tournament

Tournament weekend is finally here, and all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch.

4. Collect Fundraising Funds

With the tournament over, prizes won and the winners crowned, it's time to be rewarded with the money you earned doing little to no work.

Frequently Asked Questions

From a $15 registration fee, you make $9, we make $6 and the transaction fees are on top of that which are pushed back to the player registering. If you want to charge more, we still only take $6 and you take the remainder however the more you charge, the less players register we have found.

Once the tournament is over we will send you your money via PayPal to the account you gave us to send it to.  We strive for the Monday or Tuesday but sometimes we send it on the Wednesday after the weekend that you choose to have the tournament on.

There is. Basically, you need to cover your prize cost.  So if you went with the typical plan, your cost would be $150.  Since you are will be making $9 per registration, you will need a minimum of 17 players to register in order cover your costs.  If you are not able to make that, you can make a decision to either go forward knowing that it will cost you money or we can refund everybody that registered.

Current Tournaments

The Tourney Start to Finish

1. Register your group for a Fortnite tournament.


2. We will set up your own Fortnite tournament page.

3. We help you promote the tournament to all your friends, family, schools and really anybody you may want to notify on Instagram or Facebook.

4. Since your team or group did an amazing job of getting the word out, you will reap the benefit of a large number of players….hopefully.

5. Your tournament comes and goes as you go about your weekend just like any other, except with this one, you will have raised money without lifting a finger.


6. After the winners have been crowned and their prizes sent off, it’s time to celebrate about all the money your team or group made hosting an amazing Fortnite tournament. 

7. Was the whole experience fun and profitable? How about another tournament next month?

how you make money

We charge $15 plus taxes and transaction fees per player registration
You get $9 of that for promoting the tournament
We get $6 of that for running the tournament
Amount of Players Money Raised
50 $450 (less total prize costs of $150)
100 $900 (less total prize costs of $150)
150 $1,350 (less total prize costs of $150)
200 $1,800 (less total prize costs of $150)
250 $2,250 (less total prize costs of $150)
300 $2,700 (less total prize costs of $150)
350 $3,150 (less total prize costs of $150)
400 $3,600 (less total prize costs of $150)
Your team or group is responsible for the cost of the tournament prizes ($150) which you do not pay upfront, it will come from the money raised from the tournament.

Our Story

Are you looking for a way to fundraise for your team or organization but really hate the typical fundraising ideas that come up every year? 
You are just like me and everybody else who is sick and tired of these fundraising projects.
Actually one day, not too long ago, I was at a parent meeting talking about all the fundraising options my son’s team was considering for the year.  Bottle drive, liquor basket, pub night, silent auction, and on and on. While I was listening to of all this, I sent a text to my son reminding him it was time to get off Fortnite as it was his brother’s turn to play.  
As I sent the text message it hit me, why not use Fortnite as a fundraiser for our team! I pitched the idea of mixing Fortnite and fundraising together somehow and it seemed to get everybody excited.  I spent the next few days figuring a way to make it work and I believe I did it.  
The best part of fundraising with a game like Fortnite is it’s a ton of fun for everybody involved and it generates the same amount of money as some of those other fundraising ideas.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about how it all works, send us an email below.  We’d be more than happy to answer you.


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